Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Lisa – or, ‘Mabb of the North’, to my friends. I’ve been a Pagan since I can remember, I just didn’t realise that’s what it was called, and I live and work as Pagan every day. I’m the contact for Durham although I don’t technically live there, I’m just on the border but I do work there and it’s where I met my first fellow Pagans all those years ago. My path is eclectic, although, ‘meandering’, might be more accurate, and I am a celebrant for significant events in all Pagan paths, however obscure. The Pagan Federation has always been very supportive and the PFNE especially, so I’m very happy to be doing a bit of service by acting as contact. If I can be helpful in any way, then I’m glad of it.
Brightest of blessings

Hi Everyone, My name is Katie-Effie, however you will often see me going by Ginger-Effie.  In real life just call me Katie 😊  I have been a Witch for more years than I can count and work a lot with the elements, healing herbs & crystals, and immersing myself in shadow work and journeying and following the delicious path of the Wild Woman.  I also work a lot with Inanna, Persephone and Lilith; I have learned and overcome much following their paths of wisdom, accepting the balance of light and dark in all things.  I spend time with my stepdaughter and nieces teaching them slowly and steadily about the parts of paganism they natural come to have their own interests in.  Over the last few years, I have incorporated Druidry into my path and I am currently working through the course material from OBOD which is a very enjoyable pursuit.  I have a website dedicated to my journey through Witchcraft and Druidry and run a ritual shop.  In my day job I work as a solicitor, and I also have a Masters Degree in Phycology which I completed to keep myself occupied between jobs way back when I has fewer laughter lines 😊 .

Blessed Be & Stay Wild.


Hello from Cynthia, PFNE District Interfaith Officer

I have been a member of the Pagan Federation for over 30 years and held quite few posts during that time, locally and nationally, holding each position for about three years.

I became a Regional Co-ordinator in 1992 then in 1995 was elected – yes, we had elections back then – onto the PF national committee. After the major re-organisation into Districts and Regions I was appointed District Manager for PF North East in 1998 then in 2002 took over from Sandy Brock as District Liaison Officer. From there I became Local Co-ordinator for Wakefield and PFNE’s District Interfaith Officer.

More from Cynthia here.

I am Jamie, editor of the PFNE bi-annual district magazine Northern Oak. I have been editor for two and a half years now, and enjoy putting it together each year for Summer Solstice and Yule. I live in Sheffield and attend meetings and celebrations held by two different local groups: Sheffield Pagan Pathways and Sheffield Goddess Temple. Pagan Pathways hold fortnightly talks and discussion sessions, and often seasonal rituals (usually outside) as well. The Sheffield Goddess temple is located above Sheffield’s “Airy Fairy” gift shop and cafe, not far from the city centre. They too hold seasonal rituals in line with the Wheel of the Year, either in the temple room itself, or outside at various locations.

I have been married for 41 years to my South American wife Isilda. We have two sons, two daughters in law, and four grandchildren. My personal pagan path is Anglo-Saxon Northern Tradition – a subject I have recently published a book about.

Of course what makes Northern Oak worth reading are the contributions from PF members in the North East, so please do feel free to drop me a line at and let us all know about any events in your own local area, or tell us about your own pagan path, or anything at all pagan related which you believe might be of interest. All contributions will be gratefully received!


My name is Tamsin and I have just started as the Regional Coordinator for North Yorkshire.

I live in Malton with my family and although not originally from Yorkshire, it’s been home for the past 25 years.

I am a practicing witch and so are other members of my family. I also play in a Witchcraft inspired band Amarynthia.

I am really looking forward to working with members of the Pagan Federation in North Yorkshire. You are welcome to contact me any time with any questions or comments that you have.




My name is Vicki Brown, and I am pleased to be the new treasurer for the Pagan Federation North East.

I am a Pagan Witch and I work full time in Accounts & Payroll. I am a mother to Kal-el (age 12) and fiancée to Mark. I love cooking, baking, anything involving arts and crafts, my latest projects being knitting, needle felts and wood burning. I love being outdoors and spending time with my loved ones in nature. I enjoy taking on new things and I am happy to be part of the Pagan Federation Team.

VB )0(