Most local areas have meetings of some kind, many are held monthly in local pubs or cafes, some are in members’ homes, others are less frequent and might involve walks, picnics or countryside clean-up activities.

We have our own quarterly newsletter/magazine – Northern Oak – published at the Solstices and Equinoxes and sent out to all Associate and Full members. There are also some members who are ‘specialists’ on the different Pagan Paths and others who can help in areas such as dealing with the media, young people or Pagan parents. Twice a year we hold a District Council meeting where views can be aired and ideas shared.

Cakin Night at Stannington & Dungworth (South Yorkshire) – 31st October

Handsworth Sword Dancers, Sheffield – Winter Solstice

Grenoside Sword Dancers, Sheffield – Boxing Day

Wassailing in Lincolnshire – nearest Sunday to the 13th day after 12th night of Yule.

Viking Festival, York – mid-February

Slaithwaite Moonrakers, West Yorkshire – third Saturday in February

Good Friday Mummers at Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Castleton Garland Ceremony near Sheffield – 29th May

Also the National Trust and local Countryside Services put on a variety of walks, talks, fun days and activities throughout the year.