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Patricia Crowther

One of the last remaining High Priestesses initiated by Gerald Gardner. Since her initiation by Gardner in 1960, Patricia Crowther has worked steadfastly to promote the Old Religion through her books, media interviews, and lecture appearances. She is considered by many to be Gardnerís spiritual heir, and has formed many flourishing covens throughout the United Kingdom.

The Zodiac Experience

For the first time Crowther presents a unique method of self initiation by use of the `Girdle of Venus`- the Zodiac. With her considerable knowledge of esoteric subjects she has discovered the hidden meaning of the signs and reveals them for your edification.

The Rite Of Aries is the first of 12 lessons based on the signs of the zodiac, each month featuring a new sign. Together they form a complete initiatory course based on Patricia Crowthers own well documentd work over many years, drawing on her own very extensive experience of ritual ... A new and exciting course of learning and inituiation, guided throughout by one of the of the most distinguished elders of the craft!

Rite Of Aries

Rite Of Taurus

Rite Of Gemini