Moots are meetings of pagans and are a great way to socialise and meet other pagans and likeminded folk. A place to learn new skills and crafts and find out about about things you never even realised you were interested in! Whether you are a solitary or in a group, wiccan, druid, heathen, shamanic or eclectic, moots generally have something for everyone.

The Pagan Federation North East district is blessed with moots covering most of our area, browse the index to the left to find one that meets near you. For further information about an individual moot please contact the moot organiser directly, they will be best placed to answer any questions you may have about their moot.


Disclaimer: Please note that the information on each moot page is correct to the best of our knowledge as per the latest information that was provided to us. We recommend that you contact the moot organiser to verify details before making a journey to a moot for the first time. If you are a moot organiser and notice any errors please email them to and we will amend the website accordingly (if you run a moot in the area and would like adding to the listings please use the same address).